Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Grizzly Bear Series; In search of moths

The series so far. Soon to be a complete little zine! I need to finish the final 2 or 3 illustrations then do some hand painted type and play with the format and size of the final series.

I have scanned and edited some of the images slightly. I am not the greatest at photoshop so I am learning along the way. I may need to go back and tweak these slightly, but here they are for now.

I was trying to get rid of the background of the bear using the eraser tool which was taking a very long time indeed. Abi spotted me trying to do this and has showed me an amazingly simpler and quicker way to just have the bear and not the background by using the magic wand tool. You select the image and copy and past it into a new layer, then deselect the other layers. I am very happy she showed me this and I have noted it down for future reference!

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