Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Social Media Frenzy

I took the plunge and contradicted everything I have said and got Twitter, something I said I would never have. Family and friends have been telling me for ages about events/opportunities/news that comes from following people on Twitter such as Artists, galleries, collectives etc so I am using it for this purpose and this purpose only. I am trying to get the hang of it, but still don't really understand how to use it, however, I am currently following many of my favourite illustrators/artists and people around Leeds. It does tell you whats going on and is another way to widen knowledge and audience and keep in the know. I hate to admit that, but its true.

I also created a new blog as I feel that this blog is very wordy and is not a good tool for getting my work out there as I use this blog to document my thoughts, feelings and processes throughout projects which is good for me, but not for other people. I felt I needed to create a space I could put my work and keep it clean cut and simple to look at. So I have created a Tumblr. I am not planning on using this to reblog and blog other people's work very much, mainly to put photos, illustrations and my work whatever it may be up there and to follow artists and people I like. I feel it looks more professional and is easier to navigate.


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