Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Visual Language Initial Ideas

These are some initial ideas I have written to help get my thought stream going about what I want to do for Visual Language. They could completely change after workshops and research but this is what I have thought about so far. I am really excited about making the book and the possibilities within this project and the direction it can take. I haven't had the chance to do more bookbinding since last year so I am ready to get really stuck in with this practical project and let it take me on an unknown journey!
  • Find and collect old/historic photos/postcards/ephemera and use as a starting point to develop images. Explore using different materials/techniques/collage inspired by these images as a starting point. Use as many approaches as possible. From this consider the story that may be behind the original image or may have developed through experimentation and exploration. Develop into bound book. Use the ideas developed within book and work to develop work to present in a frame. Whether it is embroidered/collage/painted, come to a decision about materials throughout the project. Make frames?
  • Photographs; use own photographs taken travelling as a starting point to develop imagery and ideas inspired by the photograph and memory of it being taken, the place, country, people, feelings at the time.
  • Collect stories/memories that stick with us for a particular reason to develop illustrations using a variety of materials. Underlying themes/connections within the story behind the images e.g. a particularly comical memory or experience, anecdote.
  • Collect versions of how people do one particular thing e.g. eat, write, drink, and why? Inherited ways of doing things from families?
  • Collections of obscure connections with people, objects, places, experiences etc.

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