Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Village Fete

We set up a table with material and paper as a tablecloth and brightly coloured bunting saying 'Handmade Christmas Cards' to catch peoples eye. We had labels with prices on the different cards we had made. I was really pleased with the overall look of the stall and the amount of cards we produced to sell.

Joe screenprinted the cards and was selling packs of 4 priced at £2, some handcut cards for £1 and also some mini square cards for 50p. They were very popular and did sell out!

Emma collaged and stamped onto the cards and sold hers for £1, they sold out too!

I priced the cards I made at £2 after doing a bit of research about how much people would be willing to pay. They sold very well I came back with 4 and was very pleased!

I feel our stall was a success, people really responded to what we had made and were willing to pay for the handmade touch which we emphasized! All in all we raised £65.60 which is a lot more than I thought we would make. This was even after we had taken off material costs. The fete was really good fun and the whole course raised lots of money, there were some really good stalls such as the simulator, santa's grotto and fortune telling! A very fun day indeed.

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