Saturday, 3 December 2011

Village Fete; improvements in preparation and making

For the making process this time I have my designs all sketched and ready so I can cut all of the shapes out of felt at the same time to the same size etc. I am hoping this planning will help speed up the making process. I am also cutting the shapes out slightly smaller than I previously did in my first attempt as I think they images will create a better aesthetic as they will be more detailed and intricate.

Cutting out the gingerbread men, pinning onto felt to cut out the next ones to the same size.

Robins, Faces and hats, Gingerbread men. I lay out all of the felt pieces cut to the right size ready to embroider and sew. This process is much more efficient now I know what I am doing.

Complete faces ready to glue to the card, need to use less glue this time but enough to make it sturdy! I don't want the card to go wrinkly again!

Mid way through the gingerbread man!

This is proving to be a much more efficient and successful making process which I will continue until the cards are complete.

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