Friday, 9 December 2011

Visual Language; Collections, Collecting, Collectors Rationale

Tutorial with Matt 08/12/11

The tutorial really helped propel my ideas and get me thinking about what I need to look at and research. We had quite an open discussion to begin with and shared ideas, it was interesting to hear what everyone else was thinking of doing for the brief and get their feedback of my own idea.

I am interested in peoples history, why they are where they are, do the things they do, are with the people they are with etc. What were the events leading up to the life you lead today? My idea for Visual Language is to explore significant moments, collect interesting stories that have had a significant impact on someones lives or to them personally or has affected the way they think and the life they lead today. I want to use this information as a starting point to create imagery to accompany and present these moments to an audience in a way that engages them. I want to images and stories to have meaning and importance. I want the image to be true to the story and emphasize the moment and its significance to create a book.

Questions to ask myself;
  • What makes them want to read them?
  • What impact will the images and stories have on the audience?
  • How can I interpret stories to present and engage with audience? 
We also discussed the way in which I may create the image once I have gathered all the information. Matt's advice was to keep the idea for the project simple as well as the image making style, enabling a real exploration of a way to interpret all the stories, whether it be ink on paper, watercolour, printing etc. Keep the aesthetic to the images the same technique to create a conclusion collection.

To do;
  • Look at artists including Pia Bramley and Tina Burnin.
  • Define stories, talk to people.
  • Is there a specific theme?
  • Read obituries.
  • Read/collect articles.
I am excited to get going and gather lots of information and research thoroughly to present in the tutorial next week.

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