Friday, 2 December 2011

Village Fete Preparation

I already have much of the felt that I need. Each A4 piece costs 45p, I need to figure out a way to estimate the cost of it in total dependent on how much I use. The card I bought cost £4.99 for 100 sheets, this will be easier to figure out. W want to make the profit margin as large as possible.

I began cutting out some gingerbread men shapes out of felt ready to sew and embroider to a different coloured felt background. Felt is really good to work with for cards and embroidery as it doesn't fray and is quite strong. This makes it sturdier when gluing to the card with PVA, the glue won't go through the material unlike on normal cotton fabrics which are flimsy.

I want to make the majority of the cards using felt but as it was taking a lot longer to do each one I started playing around with paper and card too to see what qualities they brought. I feel they do not look as effective as felt although I like the simple shape of the snowman. After coming to this conclusion I went back to the felt.

I am quite pleased with the result of the design however I feel I need to come up with some sketches and figure out exactly what designs I am making and how many of each. This will make the making process more successful as I will know what I am doing therefore it will not be as timely. I just made these ones up as I went along which took much longer and meant they do not look as good a quality as they could do. For the stitching to the background felt I am going to use embroidery thread rather then cotton thread as it will be inkeeping with the detail on the image. I also used too much glue to stick them to the card.

Finished snowmen. Although I do like these I am going to stick with felt and plan a little better to improve the process of making and producing the images for the cards.

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