Monday, 18 October 2010

Rob Ryan


Sketchbook Pages.

'I opened my heart to the wind and I felt it wrap its arms around me and it held me all day long
I opened my heart to the air and it lifted me up and rushed around me and filled me up with life and joy until I thought I might burst
But caught between land and sky, caught between one life and another
Nothing could compare to that day when I opened my heart to you'

'It's A Wonderful Life' - The Flicker Cine Club asked him to do a poster design for the film screening, one of my favourites of his paper cuttings.

A T-shirt design Rob Ryan did for UK Fashion Co. Fenchurch. Spring/Summer 2007.


'We had nothing, We had not much, We had enough,
We had everything'

Paperback book cover.

Chair design.

I have been following Rob Ryan's blog for a while now and I got really into paper cuttng last year, it takes a long time but the results create interesting and beautiful imagery as shown in Rob Ryan's work. You have to have a steady hand, the skill and detail in these images is amazing. Rob Ryan's work is full of words and imagery which all flow together, his ideas and thoughts are very romantic, the words inspire images and characters. He does alot of screenprints, a skill I am excited to learn. His work includes many collaborations and he has designed things such as mugs, egg cups, plates, tape, book covers, posters, chairs, and has his own shop!

An interview with the man himself...

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