Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fanzine - 'We Are Here'

Our finished fanzine! I am happy with how it turned out, having the physical thing is so good and the sizing worked, so much photocopying...

We would like to try some different papers for the front cover ready for handing in tomorrow, a nice texture/colour or slightly thicker paper would be good. I have enjoyed the process of putting together the fanzine, working in groups has been interesting, its not always easy trying to bring everyones ideas and styles together but thats all part of the process. I have enjoyed learning about the history of fanzines as a form of self publication and a way of communicating a point of view. It is personal for the creator and the reader; capturing certain times, feeling and events. Fanzines cover such a wide range of issues and discussions from music, politics, books, food... anything you have a passion for. It is really interesting to discover old and new copies of them from all over the world, finding out about different lives, experiences and approaches to the fanzine.

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