Friday, 1 October 2010

A Sunny Day and a Walk

Today was the perfect day for photographing. I ventured around discovering places and buildings for the fanzine project and getting to know Leeds abit better!

On The Wall-Gallery.

They have already put up Christmas decorations and it is only September!
Also some really good buildings.

Bridge over the canal.


Nice design on the bridge.

Interesting designs and sculptures on the buildings.
Reflected sunlight.

A nice looking restaurant.

Places to go.

Cobbles next to The Corn Exchange.

Stairs inside The Corn Exchange.

Big space in The Corn Exchange, previously there were shops. I was surprised at how empty it is inside since the last time I came a few years ago. Most of the shops have gone, there are still a few, and a restaurant at the bottom. The building is very decadent and a lovely curved shape, it is a unique building, I was particulaly struck by the glass ceiling, which on a sunny day like today looked amazing! Its a shame that alot of the shops are no longer in this well known building.

Wooden flooring inside.

Restaurant in the basement.
Cakes and Balloons.

Just outside The Corn Exchange.

I really like the typography on the signs into The Corn Exchange, it is very in keeping with the building.

Rusty R.

Corn Exchange.

Leeds Market.
'Butchers Row'

Leeds Market.

Corn Exchange from my window.

I really enjoyed photographing and exploring today for the project, discovering places I didn't know about and discovering more about Leeds. I am becoming more familiar with the city through exploring and doing this project. I will do more drawings and ideas from these photographs.

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