Sunday, 25 September 2011

Where do my interests lay?

I am prodominately interested in handmade and crafts as well as photography, printing, painting and illustration. Also in combining these with working with people in community arts, teaching etc. I like to experiment with different crafts such as sewing, embroidery, book making and began to combine these things last year. For the first year 1 book project I embroidered the cover and over summer I began doing a lot more embroidery. I find myself wanting to dabble in many things.  I am hoping that Comm Tech 2 will help me feel more sure of my area of practice and where my expertise lay, whether it be a certain skill, or working with people within art practice.

I would like to explore an area of practice I have not tried before, ceramics, paper and glass. The brief for Comm Tech 2 swayed me towards this area I have never really had the chance to explore before. I want to learn techniques and see what is available. This is an area of handmade and craft that cannot be self taught so is ideal for Comm Tech 2 as a learning project. I find myself eager at the prospect at learning something completely unfamiliar, this is unknown territory, which is scary but also a much more thrilling prospect, it may be just what I need. In the year 1 final major project I learnt how to book bind; something else that I have never had chance to learn before until then and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I think that these handmade, hands on skills and crafts may be where my passion lies. I want to learn the basics and discover what you can actually make and achieve in this area. Developing my knowledge and skills, finding out what materials and time it takes to make these physical objects. I want to see where it takes me and if I enjoy it and if I am good at it. I'd really like to learn how you can hand paint onto ceramics. Bringing illustration and painting into the project.

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