Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ceramics, Paper and Glass

From the introduction today in the Ceramics, Paper and Glass room it became apparent that there is a lot available. I need to think about and decide what I want to try first, bring some ideas to the table and seek out the help. Andy talked a lot about time management, as the processes are time consuming often you will be waiting around for a long time whilst things are in the kiln or drying. I need to think about how I can fill these time gaps and what I can make and do. May be working on a few objects in staggered time, so each one would be at a different stage in the process and you always have something to do.

  •  What kind of objects do I want to try making?
  •  What process do I want to learn first?
  •  How costly are the materials?
  •  How long does it take to make each object?
  •  Would there be a theme in the illustrations or tranfers on to the glass and ceramics?
  •  Do I want to try jewellery making?
  •  Is there a specific object that I want to become skilled at making?

What I know I want to do;
  •  Learn about each process, the time it takes, what can be achieved.
  • Explore options and what is available to me in the Cermamics/Paper/Glass workshop.
  •  Experiment with materials, e.g. what you can put into the hand made paper to create different  textures.
  •  Learn how to handle materials.
  •  Develop illustrations, images to combine with ceramic objects.
  •  Learn about ways of hand painting or printing onto glass and ceramics.
  •  Research to gain more knowledge and fuel ideas.
  •  Find out what I enjoy and what I am good at and take further.

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