Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hardback, Paperback, Zines, Scrapbooks, Recipebooks, Journals, Diarys, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Fact, Fiction, Stories, Pop-up Books, Picture books, How does the shape, size, and book making process present the books purpose and function? These are all things that I want to explore, different types of book bindings and book making. I want to gain skills and knowledge of the physical making of books and the thought process behind it. Experimenting with shapes, sizes and formats. The covers of books, textures and materials that can be used. I want to maybe illustrate covers to go on the books I make, and in the end create something like a recipe book of my favourite recipes, illustrate, think about paper, size, cover, type of binding and everything learnt during exploring book making. Try out different types of paper to bind inside the book, lined, squared, textured. What paper is apropriate for the books function. Thinking about elastics, ribbons as bookmarks? The details of book making that add elements to the finished book bound. How the cover reflects contents of books? The book being the art itself. The skill and time it takes to create handmade bound books. Ring binding, Japanese Bookbinding, Leather covers, Stitching. The history of book making, how it has developed and progressed, traditional leather covers and bindings. Pagination. Rounded edges, Straight edges, unconventional designs. Endpapers, the inside of the cover. Landscape, Portrait.

- Thoughts/Ideas/Things to consider.

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