Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The 1000 Journals Project

I really love the pages created in this exploration into people, lives and ways of expressing. Using different medias and materials as ways of communicating messages is something I want to portray in my own work. This project expresses some concern of the digitilization of our society and daily lives and how it will eventually become our reality and the physical world will be forgotten. Communication in the form of a written letter, postcard, speech and interaction being overtaken by forms such as email, chatrooms and video games. This experiment is a more permenant, tactile way of expressing different thoughts and feelings; it is exciting, you never know the pages or journals you will get back or what people will use to express their feelings and thoughts. Passing on from person to person, stranger to stranger, it is a unique collection and exploration of life, culture, events etc. I love this book.

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